On The 12th Anniversary
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On The 12th Anniversary of 911 Attacks

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On the 12th Anniversary of the September 11th  Attacks


As we commemorate the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, it is only natural that we should reflect on the events of that terrible day when a group of radical Islamist terrorists perpetrated their unprovoked attack on almost 3,000 innocent victims.  We remember where we were and what we were doing when we became aware of the heinous acts being carried out by these deranged extremists seeking the pseudo-martyrdom so often claimed by cold blooded murderers.

    Real martyrs and heroes were created that day and in the days, months, and years that followed.  The thousands of innocent people, who lost their lives that day, will always be remembered and venerated by the good people of this world.  The thousands more who helped in the aftermath, along with all of us who have contributed in so many ways to stopping evil in our global society are their legacy and a living monument to the true human spirit.

     On that sad day, radical Islam rejoiced over what they believed was a victory over the American infidels.  How wrong they were.  Like so many fools in history, they did not understand who their opponent was and how strongly we would defend our beliefs.  A cursory look at the history of the United States will make it clear that we never back down from a righteous fight.  We have always defended and fought for what we believe to be right whether it is for ourselves or for those people and nations who need our help.  We are relentless in our drive to eliminate those who would use terror to impose their will on others.  We cannot be bullied, we cannot be intimidated, and we will never back down. 

    So, while it is appropriate that we remember what happened on September11,2001, it is even more appropriate to reflect on who we are today as a people and a nation.  Today, we are still a free nation and the guardian of freedom throughout the world.  We are still the greatest economic, political, and military power in the world.  We still exercise freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right of every citizen to an education.  We continue to be the global defender of human rights and civil rights.  The only real change brought on by those attacks was a reawakening of the American spirit and a recommitment to our core beliefs. 

    As for the cowards of 9/11, they now cower in basements, hide in caves, or lie in their graves.  While these groups continue to try to enlarge their evil domain, our relentless pursuit makes their world a smaller place.

    This does not mean that our job is done.  As long as terrorists maim and kill children trying to get an education, so long as they deny basic rights to girls and women, so long as any group tries to violently force their beliefs on others, and so long as radical Islam continues to bomb and burn Christian houses of worship and schools in many parts of the world, our job is not done.

    So on this anniversary, think of the United States and the American people 

    as who we are today.  We are stronger, we are determined to defend human rights for all people around the globe, and we are ever ready to fight the righteous battle.


                                    GOD  BLESS  AMERICA                     David A. Ring- 9-11-2013






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