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By David Ring

(Clancy Glanchy McClancy)

The history of Ireland is closely tied to clans, septs, or families of Ireland. Most Irish surnames have a specific meaning. The names often refer to an outstanding characteristic or trait. Over the years, however, the different families became known for their particular service to the community. It is appropriate that from time to time we should present a family history to help bring ourselves closer to our own Irish heritage.

The Irish version of Clancy is the surname MacFhlannchaidh from the personal name Flannchadh which meant red-haired warrior. The sept developed separately in two counties, Clare and Leitrim. In Clare, where they were a branch of the McNamaras, the Clancys formed part of the DalgCais tribal group, and served as the hereditary brehons (lawyers or judges) to O'Brien chieftains. Their homeland was in the barony of Corcomroe in North Clare. They remained powerful until the collapse of the Gaelic Aristocracy in the 1600's. The Leitrim branch were the chiefs of Dartry and Rosclogher again, until the 1600's.

Many of the Clancys forfeited their lands following the defeat of the Irish at the siege of Limerick. They joined the "Flight of the Wild Geese" to Europe, where they distinguished themselves in the Irish brigades, particularly in the Spanish Netherlands where there were several Don Clancys holding high army rank.

There are many famous Clancys: Peadar Clancy, executed by the British during the Irish War for Independence, Willie Clancy, the famous folklorist and uillieann piper, and the Clancy Brothers folk group. Here at Division 7 we have our own Vincent Clancy, President. Vinnie has kept up the honor of the Clancy name through his good counsel, good humor, and defense and promotion of Irish culture, heritage, and history. As Vinnie prepares to leave the presidency of this division it is important that we recognize how he has continued to uphold the honor and the pride of the Irish and Irish-Americans, the Clancys, and all of us here at Division 7.

Thank you Vinnie.




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