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Burgundy & Grey

The Roisin Dubh Irish Pipe Band

Band Photo

Photo Taken July 4, 2003 by Jim Henry of Island Photo

The Roisin Dubh Irish Pipe Band now has their own web site. You can visit them at:

Full Band Engagements.

Band Engagements


A.O.H. Division 7

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We are now looking for 10 year old or older boys and girls who are eager to become part of Long Island's premier Bag Pipe and Drum Band.
You've seen us march in parades all over Long Island and St. Patrick's Day in New York City. Now you can join and have the time of your life.
If you have the willingness and determination to become a Piper or Drummer, we have the time and patience to teach you.
The fun and excitement really begins when you're ready for the street and even competition play with your new KILT and BAG PIPES or DRUM supplied by the Roisin Dubh Pipe Band.
Practice is held every Thursday night from 7:00PM to 8:00PM for beginners. Beginner Pipers will need their own practice chanters and drummers will need sticks and practice pad. This will be the only expense.
So shut off that Playstation and play with "Us" on Thursday night.
Call Pipe Major Bill LePage at 581-2146

For those interested in joining, registration is Monday, October 8, 2001 at 7:30 PM at the Hall.



When requesting a piper, please understand that this is not a free service.

If you request a piper for a wedding or a funeral, it is understood there is a fee.

This fee is set by the individual piper, depending on time and travel. This service is not an entitlement because you pay dues

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By Jack Murphy

I am often asked what it costs to outfit a band member.
"It's Not Cheap!"

Hat $55.00 With Pin $70.00
Shirt and Tie $35.00
Argyle Jacket $250.00
Belt with Buckle $100.00
Sporran $150.00
Kilt $450.00
Kilt Pin $25.00
Socks (per pair) $42.00
Flashers $12.00
Raincoat $60.00
Total: $1,194.00
Approximately 40 band members: $47,760

These prices reflect outfitting a band member without his or her instruments.
Pipes $1,400.00
Drum $450.00
Pipe Cords $20.00
Drum Sticks $20.00
Bass Drum $500.00
Bass Drum Sticks $50.00 
Tenor Drum Sticks $35.00
Fees for three instructors: $8,000.00 per year.
The cost of operating the band comes from parades and fundraisers.

To our Friend and Hibernian Brother

Barney Kelly - Band Manager

Barney Kelly

God saw you getting tired

And a cure was not to be

So he put his arms around you

and whispered. Come to me.

With tearful eyes we watched you

and Saw you pass away,

Although you were a friend to all

We could not make you stay

A Golden heart stops beating

Hard working hands at rest

God broke our hearts to prove to us

He only takes the best

October 1935 - March 1999

Roisin Dubh

Irish Pipe Band

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The Roisin Dubh Irish Pipe Band
Band Manager John Flynn
Pipe Major Billy LePage
Drum Major Joe LePage
Pipe Sergeant Marie Priest
Pipe Corporal Vic Vogel
Drum Sergeant Kevin Helion
Drum Corporal Sean Moore
Treasurer Sean O'Neill
Secretary Patricia Allen
Quartermaster Jack Murphy Jr.
Band Liaison Bill O'Halleran
Roisin Dubh

(The Little Dark Rose)

Throughout Ireland's turbulent history, her people, culture and religion were suppressed and the very name of Ireland was forbidden to be spoken. In many of their poems, the Bards praised their country, lamented her troubles and foretold her independence, yet they had to disguise that sentiment, for anyone caught with such a lyric was subject to arrest or execution. So, the Bards disguised their patriotic poetry as love poems with the object of their affection being a symbol of Ireland. Examples of these poems are Kathleen ni Houlihan, Grania Uaile, Shan Van Vocht and the oldest of all - ROISIN DUBH, which means The Little Dark Rose or The Dark Rosaleen.

Oh, my Dark Rosaleen, do not sigh, do not weep!

The priests are on the ocean green; they march along the deep.

There's wine...from the Royal Pope, upon the ocean green;

And Spanish ale shall give you hope, my Dark Rosaleen.

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